producing reality... producing fiction

My performances, collaboration and research work with the performative in the current era, involves working in a live, active sense with the 'real' audience, almost as much as my partners in crime on the stage setting. I find that creating a live, dynamic process of comprehension and interchange is often at work in some form or the other as a neccesary aspect of the very things I am busy with. It's not a matter of anything goes, it's a matter of potentials including static....

How do we perform today? Under pressure or otherwise? How do we abandon ourselves, the Other, how do we live in the gaps, the borders, the shifts between places?

I am curious how displacement works, how discourse works latently and in an immediate sense, how thought-in-action proceeds, how the 'grey zone' stops cold or revs up. Often, a live awareness machine is in action: where gaps are also at play. From there, surprises and potential new developments can materialize, in their state of arrival on the scene. A certain level of humor, and playfulness is always at work in all I do.

How to open the public territory, to possibilities that we aren't even aware of.....?

We can dive and create an exploded view with method, hypothesis and insight. We can and ought to research and get our skills together! Here and now.

Forward here & now: the material actions of developments. And as things shift, change, re-arrive, we magnify and examine thought, we fall forward, we find desire and positions, as ongoing 'things', in their own right....

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